UPDATE: November 14th, 2011 -- Added 14 new comics and 8 new entries under Illustrations, Concepts, & Misc.

Be sure to check out Udon and Capcom's Mega Man Tribute Art Book! Out of 3,500 entries, 300 were selected to appear in this limited edition book available at Comic-Con 2011. One of the pieces was drawn by me! For more information, visit the official website.

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This is a peek into a creative mind -- the mind of an artist.

My name is Andy Kluthe and I make art. My passion is comics and cartooning, but I also do illustrations, concept art, digital paintings, and more. Take a look around my site and enjoy some art!

Comics pages, comic strips, children's book illustrations and kid's activities are under the Comics & Books links.

Stand alone images, digital paintings, concept art, vignettes, and more are in the other section (Illustration, Concepts & Misc).

If you want to see my resume or send me an e-mail, click "About & Contact".

Enjoy your stay and try not to trip over any of my hats (again, please do not touch them, they are pertinent to my job).

Oh, and here's a video I did for Shout Factory.