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Our hero -- Davis just wants to come up with a great comic idea, but hasn't found it yet. Unfortunately, he is frequently caught up in other more exciting events.

He has known Davis his entire life. He loves online gaming and his dream is to receive a Championship Bowling Belt. He has a penchent for mischief...and causing problems for Ken.

Ken is Davis's neighbor and friend. He is tidy and knows a lot about computers, making him a go-to source on the subject. His ventures frequently become a catalyst for adventure.

She is Fishcake. Few descriptors are necessary. Always dresses in Fishcake costume. You may call her Fishy.

He's the neighbor boy who just wants to be part of the group. Thewie is his father, so. Ken and Fishy dubbed him Meator "in an attempt to make him more awesome". No one is sure exactly how that works.

Theodore Matthews AKA Thewie
Mr. Matthews -- or Thewie, as Davis and co. have named him -- is one of Davis's neighbors. Although he sometimes seems grouchy, he keeps an eye on them and means well.

Mrs. Matthews
She is Thewie's wife, a good mother, and an excellent cook. She puts up with Thewie when he acts up. She is more tolerant of her neighbors' escapades. She is the one who sewed Fishcake's trademark attire.

Thewie's loyal lazy dog.