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Monday (hur hur hur)
November 30th, 2009 (definitely not late)


Perhaps not a grave; the site was never dead.

How about a coma?

It's nice to be back; it feels a little weird drawing "Life with Davis!" again. I'm gonna remove the previous, unformated news post so I'll try my best to explain things here. Two weeks before the end of the quarter, my computer crapped out on me. Blue screen of death.

I imagine there's a group of men somewhere at Microsoft discussing this issue.

"How about we make a single error for whenever there's a hardware failure, or a driver is wrong, or an important file is corrupted?"
"But will it be vague enough?"
"Of course, I mean, it's a long string of numbers and the screen is blue. What more do you need?"

Anyway, I was worried my harddrive was bad and I'd lose everything on it I hadn't backed up yet. I had to do all my finals work on public computers in the labs.

I know there's at least one Mac fan out there giggling, and I would just like him/her to know: I was forced to use Macs during those two weeks. They actually crashed more, and had more random errors....than my PC. Now you'll probably counter: "But those are puuublic computers! That's not faaair!"

No, it is fair -- your commercials claim there's none of the problems of a PC. You're right, because instead of a boring ol' locked up screen, I get a spinney wheel of death my shiny bar of soap can no longer control.

Anyway, my PC's hardware was fine. It was (apparently) just a corrupted file somewhere. We had to pull the new stuff off in Linux (the sweet power of Linux! It was fresh. And had some sass to it. ....Dave Kaul would be proud), and clone the old one, then dump the backed-up files on the newly-wiped drive.

By the way, Microsoft:

1. Repair installation does me no good if my PC never came with a disc too do that. I tried to use another disc for it and couldn't authorize, because the serials didn't match.
2. The foreign guys you have working tech support barely no more than me. Except my grip on English is a lot better, so people can understand me and I can understand them.
3. Anyone who isn't in India answering those calls is a creepy robot. Why so many creepy robots? Why?

Long story short, my computer works again.

Which is good, because I upgraded to from a dying Graphire 3 an Intuos 4. Average person translation: I got a better thing to draw on my computer.

Anyway, all you adoring Life with Davis! fans out there...enjoy! The comic is back on track.