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October's over

November 2nd, 2009


I hope you all had a good Halloween, however it was spent. I was drawing card game art and watching Disturbia (Shia Bidoof is terrifying, so it was a good pick.). Friday I went to a Halloween party/contest. I was Speed Racer and brought my own theme music. It was a big hit -- and so was the jarate I brought for the blue Spy who was there. I was surprised to see so many TF2 costumes.

I've been busy trying to keep up with assignments, but no, I don't have scans at this time.

I won't be going to Japan this winter -- I just can't afford it. As a small consolation, I now get to go see Anthony Daniels narrate to orchestrated Star Wars music.

Since I've been busy, I don't have a lot of nerd culture to bring to you. The Revoltech expo was this last weekend.

...Robotech for you Macek fans.  Ugh.
Kaiyodo is making a fully transformable Valkyrie from Macross.
About freaking time someone did this.

Gamera vs Gyaos!
Gamera and Gyaos, looking awesome. Turtle meat not included.

I say we bomb the whole site from orbit.
More Xenomorph. This guy's just not getting old. Tiny facehuggers? Awww yeeeah.

I have no quote for Zoids.  Use your imagination.
Blade Liger. Because we seriously need action figures based on windup models.

This reminds me of a puzzle...
Prof. Layton. Totally awesome. Where's Luke, though...?

Not pictures are early models for Starship Troopers (not the American movie...though these are supposed to be the novel, the designs are based on an OVA japan did.), a T-Rex from (of all things) Jurassic Park, Jack Skellington, and The God Damn Batman. Yes, a line once populated by robots and anime chicks is getting The Bat.